Logbook and Facilities

Royce Private Residences was built in 2012, and it features two towers, which are Tower A and Tower B. Tower A consists of 40 floors, and it is located near the back of the property. Tower B is close to the clubhouse, and it has 25 floors. Both towers contain 160 units.

The building’s planners opted to position the clubhouse along the street. A nicely equipped gym, luxury bathrooms and sauna are available in the clubhouse. Lockers provide a secure place to store your personal belongings. The Juristic Office’s location is also inside the clubhouse. It is on the ground level. In the lobby, security officers check guests in before permitting them to enter the Royce Private Residences.

“ 300 degree panoramic breathtaking city view of Bangkok ”


The view from the penthouse is simply unsurpassed. Upon seeing it for the first time, it may even make you speechless. Because the closest buildings are at least 300 meters from the penthouse, there is nothing to impede your view of Bangkok City. This is a rarity in this city

During parties, your family and friends will gravitate to this space. It is ideal for a barbecue or just an evening featuring intimate conversation and drinks. You’ll enjoy sharing your view of the sun disappearing behind the rooftops of Bangkok City.

“ The spa-like nature with the walls include built-in lighting and Italian marble tiles decorate the floor ”


Upon entering the master bathroom, you won’t want to leave it. Sumptuous luxury and high-end materials combined with superior design elements make the space inviting

This area also features a spa-like quality. Customized sinks and cabinets provide the practical components of the room. However, in this case, these practical elements are exceptionally stylish. The walls are made from glass and traditional materials while stainless steel adds a touch of panache


When unique design, quality and high-end finishes come together in a living space, premium costs are to be expected. It’s like spotting a beautiful painting that you must own regardless of the price. Along with enjoying an exquisite interior space, having access to the perfect location where the views are stunning and practically unimpeded is priceless.


The open rooftop is designed for relaxation and entertainment. After taking the back set of stairs to reach the space, you’ll be rewarded with an amenity-rich atmosphere and breathtaking view. Located only at the penthouse unit.